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A Story of Mastery

How did a small town kid from Poland, become one of the most respected coaches in Canadian Weightlifting? What did it take to develop the technical, physical, and psychological skills of a professional Olympic weightlifter? What were the key lessons?

Mirek shares the details of his professional weightlifting journey to answer these questions. Backed by years of detailed record keeping, his book illustrates the amount of effort and commitment necessary to continuously improve results. Experimenting with various training methods, collaborating with other professional athletes, increasing capacity through education, and the differences they made.

His experiences identify crucial elements of successful long term training plans. They reinforce the importance of training environment, technique efficiency, and strength training variety. The information within will enable you to apply thoughtful training periodization/load management into purposeful program design.

Mirek also shares over 70 weeks of real weightlifting programming, created using the concepts presented. Programming consistently responsible for the development of grassroots athletes into national champions and international competitors. The possibilities are endless.