Weightlifting Programs

Our services are tailored to maximize your potential




At the Hercules Weightlifting Club we offer a wide range of fully customized coaching services!

Our services are delivered in two ways:

  1. Hands on coaching – program development with physical supervision at one of our 3 facilities
  2. On-line coaching – remote program development and monitoring

Olympic Weightlifting Training is the pride and cornerstone of Hercules services. Over the years we have conducted programs for a great number of very successful athletes. Their success was measured in accomplishing clearly identified goals, whether it was winning medals at the provincial, national or international level, competing at World Championships, Commonwealth and Pan American Games, or qualifying for the Olympic Games.

The Hercules Club programs are facilitated by expert coaches who have over 60 years of combined practical and technical experience at all levels – ranging from regional development to the international stage. By combining comprehensive knowledge of sport systems, science and practical understanding, the coach will strive to advance you to your desired performance level.

 Programs are catered to 3 target groups:

Competitive Olympic Weightlifting

Programs ranging from beginner to elite, for the athlete who trains with intent to participate in Olympic Weightlifting competition

Cross Training

Programs for individuals or teams, ranging from grass roots to high performance (amateur/professional) who wish to supplement their main sport focus with specialized strength training.

General Public

Customized programs for individuals wanting to develop strength, speed, coordination, endurance, and flexibility.

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