Book Reviews!

What the community is saying about the book:

Your book is amazing, hard to put it down…Thanks for writing it and sharing it with the World!

Heather Emslie, B.C. Masters Athlete ★★★★★

Mirek Korkowski is the real deal when it comes to Olympic weightlifting. I started reading your book, and so far I’ve really enjoyed the account of your early career in weightlifting, especially your candour about mistakes you made. It’s so important for our young (and new) lifters to understand that this is a very long process and that they need to approach things systematically. Your personal and approachable account will be very helpful to members of our community. I’m looking forward to spending more time with the book and learning.

– Craig Walker, President – Canadian Weightlifting ★★★★★

Just got your book. Looks great. Thank you for the personal note on the title page!

– Mark Focacci, USA Masters Weightlifter ★★★★★

Your book is really good. I believe it is the best weightlifting book available in Canada. I was searching the market for weightlifting material and couldn’t find much with real substance. I believe what is good about your book is that weightlifters of all levels can learn from it.

Sean Mazur, Manitoba Athlete & Coach ★★★★★

Got the book! I wish I got to train with you much longer, as it really shaped how I approach the sport both in my lifting and coaching.

Corey Chandler – Saskatchewan Athlete & Coach ★★★★★

I have been coaching weightlifting for 57 years and I really enjoyed your book – wish I had a copy 50 years ago! Thanks for all the great info.

Ed Fergusson – Alberta/BC Masters Athlete & Coach ★★★★★

Trials of a Professional Weightlifter is the best book I have ever read! Not only is it a story that provides useful information and wisdom based on Mirek’s years of experience in weightlifting, but it is also extremely inspiring. Reading this book is a great way to learn about the sport of Olympic weightlifting. It offers perspective to any coach, athlete or fan who wants a deeper insight into the journey this sport offers. I feel much more knowledgeable after reading this, and it also makes me want to get up and go work out.

Eric Mazur – JR Worlds Competitor (CAN) 2013 Lima, Peru ★★★★★