Hercules programming is responsible for the development of many international level weightlifters in Canada since 1988. In almost every case, these individuals were brand new to Olympic Weightlifting with varying backgrounds in other sports. Our training progression approach was used to prepare athletes to reach their weightlifting potential.

These programs apply principles of loading, unloading and periodization to ensure athletes have an effective balance of learning, muscle stimulation, rest and injury prevention.

Please visit these TESTIMONIALS from a small sample of our successful athletes!


The purpose of the beginner developmental program is to introduce new Olympic Weightlifters to the main competition lifts using a specific learning progression. Coaches and athletes may utilize this 24 week program to develop key lifting habits using broken down elements of the classic lifts.

Beginner Program Introduction – FREE DOWNLOAD

Beginner Program – Part 1 of 3 (8 weeks) – $14.99

Beginner Program – Part 2 of 3 (8 weeks) – $14.99

Beginner Program – Part 3 of 3 (8 weeks) – $14.99

BEGINNER PROGRAM – FULL 24 WEEKS – $39.99 (Best Value)


The intermediate program is designed to maximize proficiency in the classical exercises (Snatch + Clean & Jerk). Achievement of peak performance is not the priority and constant/steady improvement of the result should be noted. The Intermediate program introduces Annual Periodization as an essential concept upon which training effort parameters are determined. The full program is 26 weeks (~6 months) in duration and should be repeated to cover a full year.

Intermediate Program – Preparatory Period (12 weeks) – $24.99


Intermediate Program – Competition & Transition Period (14 weeks)- $34.99



NEW! Programs customized towards Masters Age athletes who are preparing for competition.


Options include:

Masters Program – Competition Prep (10 weeks)- $19.99

-Shorter 10 week preparation towards a specific event

Masters Program – Extended Competition Prep (16 weeks)- $29.99

-Longer 16 week preparation with more testing opportunities throughout. Possibility to insert an additional developmental competition into the second half of this training phase as well, as a lead up to the main event.

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