General Public Strength Training – Everyone may already know that strength training is the best way to build larger, stronger and more functional muscles. They may think, however, that only young and athletic individuals should use strength training equipment. Indeed, many people share those beliefs with the Hercules Club. They pass by the strength training facilities intimidated, wishing that they were in good enough shape to use the exercise equipment. But what they need to understand is that one does not get strong in order to do strength training exercises – they do strength training exercises to get strong!

The General Public program is a comprehensive training program combining all the components necessary to ensure your total body fitness needs. A single training session is a combination of cardio, stretching, abdominal and strength exercises. The program utilizes a wide variety of fitness equipment and is suitable for both female and male fitness enthusiasts.

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Why you should strength train?


  • Maintain and add your muscle: unless we exercise regularly and properly, we lose muscle tissue over our adult life. This progressive muscle loss is responsible for two major life problems and is associated with a variety of health related consequences. The first problem is that your capacity to function is reduced, which leads to less physical activity and further muscle loss. The second problem is reduced calories use, which leads to slower metabolism. A slower metabolism means that eating the same amount of food will result in the gradual accumulation of body fat.
  • Maintain and increase your metabolism: every pound of muscle uses dozens of calories a day just to sustain itself. So when you lose muscles, the calories that were previously used to maintain metabolically active tissue now go into fat storage. Strength training helps maintain or increase muscle tissue, thus increase metabolic rate.
  • Reduce body fat: let’s assume you’ve already put on some fat that you want to lose. Many people will tell you to do endurance exercises such as walking, running, or cycling to burn the extra calories. Endurance exercises can certainly help, but even more effective is to combine them with strength training. Proper strength training increases muscle mass and tissue activity, which in turn produces an accelerated metabolic rate and higher daily energy expenditure on a sustained basis.
  • Increase bone density: strength training can increase bone mineral density in people of all ages, essentially reversing bone weakening process. Although other factors, such as genetics, hormones, and nutrition play important role in bone health, strength training will develop a stronger muscular-skeletal system and help your bones resist deterioration.
  • Improve low back health: although it sounds too bad to be true, medical professionals estimate that four out of five American adults experience low back pain. Studies indicate a direct relationship between weak low back muscles and low back problem. Fortunately, as you strengthen your low back muscles, you reduce your risk of low back pain. Why? Well conditioned muscle provide better support and shock absorption, which prepares the low back muscles to absorb forces that might otherwise overstress the sensitive components of your spinal column

“Add Years to Your Life and Life to Your Years”


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