To provide the sporting community with an opportunity to realize its dream of participating in sport related activities and to foster the promotion and advancement of  competitive athletes.



Through the progressive, innovative and results oriented training programs, we will compliment and enhance the diversity and quality of our members.



  1. To provide customized weightlifting and conditioning training programs that meet the needs of the sporting community
  2. To encourage the widest participation in the physical activity – regardless of age, sex and skill level
  3. To promote public awareness of the benefits of fitness activities
  4. To be leaders and role models for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting



Personal Life:

  • Inspire others by your example
  • Aim for excellence in your field
  • Be open to new ideas, relationships, and experiences
  • Reach for the impossible, it’s usually within your grasp
  • Build your reputation with honesty, integrity, quality, and excellence

Sport Training:

  • Develop a long term vision and direction
  • Challenge yourself to reach full potential
  • Focus, Every minute of the practice you’re getting better and better
  • When faced with challenge, meditate on your journey

Ancient Mythology:

  • High Olympus gives harmonious greeting to the champion
  • He had performed his great task, and there he feasts with the gods
  • His destiny realized, to leave a lasting mark
  • His strength is as the strength of ten, because his heart is pure