Competitive Olympic Weightlifting


  • Developmental Competitive Program

Designed specifically for competitive weightlifters in their first year of training. The program is divided into four distinct phases each geared towards accomplishing specific developmental goals. Implementation of proper training methods and annual periodization, combined with years of practical experience in training athletes, the program will ensure development of weightlifting qualities such as: advanced technique, good physical strength, agility, speed, flexibility, endurance, concentration and determination. After completion of the Developmental Program you should be ready to enter the ranks of competitive athletes.

  • Intermediate Competitive Program

Designed for weightlifters looking for ongoing improvement of competitive results and the achievement of perfection in the classical exercises – the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. The program is broken into phases aligned with your events calendar. Development of sport specific strength and power are the main objectives for the Preparatory Period. The main purpose of the Competition Period is to improve performance and prepare for quality competition. The Transition (or unloading) Period allows the athlete to physically and mentally recuperate.

  • Advanced Competitive Program

This highly advanced program is designed for weightlifters preparing for serious competitions. Through proper periodization, training methods and exercise selection, as well as training volume and intensity, the program will greatly develop the strength of the main muscle groups. The increase of speed in conjunction with strength, as well as improvement of neuromuscular coordination is necessary to increase lifting efficiency with heavy weights. The special competition preparation phase is employed during the Competition Period to ensure peaking at the major events.

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