Elite Athlete Training Servicesthe world’s best athletes know what high performance strength training can do for them. Now it’s time to discover what it can do for you. To be competitive in most sports today, strength training and conditioning is mandatory. With our high performance strength and conditioning workout you will enhance sport performance, improve functional movement, and prevent and overcome injuries Best of all, our high performance strength training and conditioning is available for all ages, skill levels, and sports. Whether you are a developmental athlete or an advance professional, we’ll train you to maximize your skills. We’ll help you to set personal goals and guide you on the way to achieve desired results.

Fully Directed Training Program – our programs are based on Olympic Weightlifting techniques which create an instant focus on explosive power, speed, power endurance, agility and flexibility. If you rely on these qualities to be successful at your sport, this type of weight training is extremely important. Our program will help you maximize each training unit with proper planning, lifting techniques and motivation.The coach will help you to develop master programs including long term planning, competitions, tests, exercises administration, volume and intensity, all to ensure peaking at the major events. The coach will analyze lifting technique and provide recommendations and exercise application for any changes. Program monitoring and evaluation will be performed on ongoing bases. This service is highly recommended for anyone who is hopeful to perform at the international or highest national level.

Program Development and Monitoring – is a scaled down version of the above service. If you have your own plan and events calendar already developed, you may need us to develop and monitor your program only.

Training Camps – would help you to start a new season on the right track or intensify ongoing training. The camp can be arranged at your present gym or we could make our facility available.

Pre-Test Training – we could help you maximize your performance results when facing a major testing to qualify for the team or be selected for an important highly ranked competition. The training right before the test poses special requirements and needs unique attention.

“A World Class Workout for a World Class Athlete”