Hercules is a symbol, role model and archetype for progressive, innovative, and breakthrough thinking. Overcoming paradigm, or preconceived ideas, is the key aspect in achieving success.



The Hercules Weightlifting Club was established to help the sporting community realize their dream of participating in sport related activities and to foster the promotion and advancement of the competitive athletes. Our philosophy allows us, as an organization, to do the seemingly impossible – find a way or make one. This was the success of our mythical hero Hercules.

The Hercules Weightlifting Club is a unique training center focused on its members. We are committed to providing the highest quality service, in line with the most recent scientific trends and at a very competitive market price. We are very much results oriented, our objective is to prove to you that our programs will enable you to attain your athletic goals. Once in the program, you or your group will receive the attention you need.

At the Hercules Weightlifting Club we offer programs in three different areas:

Olympic Weightlifting

Elite Athlete Cross Training

General Strength & Power Development

We offer everything necessary for an optimal training experience, including a professionally designed training program, quality facilities and equipment, and training supervision. Whether you are a master of the sport, new to lifting, looking for a general directions, or need a specialized program – we will answer your call! All you need is commitment to exercise and the desire to improve your performance.