Sean Mazur

Sean Mazur began his journey in Weightlifting in 2005. Mirek Korkowski has been Sean’s coach and mentor since day one. The club atmosphere is initially what hooked Sean. A club composed of individuals with a competitive drive to succeed while encouraging their teammates  to reach their full potential is what motivated him to start weightlifting.

As an athlete, Mazur competed at the national level having represented Manitoba at the Western Canadian Championships, Junior Nationals and senior national competitions through his athletic career. Mazur loved competing and would take every opportunity to compete.

When Korkowski believed Sean was ready to begin a new journey in weightlifting as a coach, Korkowski had Sean shadow sessions. To Sean this was what shaped him as coach. Having the opportunity to learn from one of the best is something he did not take for granted. Sean is now a fully Certified NCCP Competition Development coach and NCCP Competition Introduction Leaning Facilitator and evaluator.

Mazur’s resume as a coach includes being named Team Manitoba Coach at the Western Canadian Championships and Canadian Junior National Championships.

Sean is involved in just about every aspect of the sport. Sean is responsible for having created the social media platform for Weightlifting Canada and the Manitoba Weightlifting Association. He is also currently the Vice President Technical of the MWA.