Hercules Nanaimo

The Hercules Weightlifting Club – Nanaimo offers a centralized and specialized training opportunity for anyone interested in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

We have the facility, equipment, and Canada’s top level certified coaching expertise to accommodate training plans for a diverse range of members, regardless of age or lifting experience. Our club embraces beginners and high performance/elite athletes alike, with customized and specific programs tapered to individual goals. Athletes have the option to attend every session or carry out the programming remotely with technology assisted monitoring.

Our training philosophy revolves around the development of efficient technique & mechanics, as a foundation which will allow for flexibility, speed, strength maximization and injury prevention.

Session Details:

Where: CrossFit Nanaimo Gym – 2030 Boxwood Road – Nanaimo, BC

When: Monday (7PM) * Wednesday(7PM) * Friday(5:45PM) * Saturday (1:30PM)

Cost: **All fees include program, coaching, facility access, club administration, competition support & affiliation**

STUDENT – Any age engaged in full time studies: $100.00

PART TIME – Attending Less than half of the monthly scheduled sessions : $125.00

FULL TIME – Attending More than half of the monthly scheduled sessions : $150.00

REMOTE – please inquire at coaching@herculesweightlifting.com or visit our online coaching page

Head Coaches: Mirek Korkowski, Raf Korkowski

Assistant Coach: Tanna Payne

Hercules Nanaimo Membership – Download Form