When the Hercules Weightlifting Club started its youth weightlifting program in 2017, expectations were modest.  We imagined that for the first several program offerings, the interest would be slow to develop.  We were gladly proven wrong – the program has taken off!

As a result, we decided to run this program 3 times a year. Fall – Winter – Spring.

The future of the sport of weightlifting in Manitoba depends on a system of training athletes from an early age into adulthood.  Some athletes are so talented that they can take the sport up at a later age and still be successful.  This is a rare phenomenon but it can occur.  More commonly, the top lifters in the world begin at a young age, normally 12 years old and younger, and progress from the youth ranks, through to the juniors and on to the most competitive level, the senior class.  Some will even stay with the sport and compete as a master’s level lifter, which begins at 35 years of age and older.

Sean Mazur is the head coach of the Junior Hercules Program. Mazur’s coaching career began in 2013, under the guidance of Mirek Korkowski and Ken Mazur. Since then, Sean has completed his NCCP Competition Development training in Olympic Weightlifting. Mazur has obtained extensive training experience in the gym and in competition. Recently he has been selected as team coach at the 2017 Western Canadian Championships and 2018 Junior Canadian Nationals.  Working alongside Sean, is younger brother Eric Mazur who has a lot of lifting experience competing in local, provincial, national and international level competitions. Having gone through the stages of the program himself – Eric ultimately competed at the 2013 World Junior Weightlifting Championships in Lima, Peru and finished 11th in the world!

As the youth program develops it is the goal of the club to progress our youth lifters into the junior ranks and have them compete regionally, nationally and ultimately internationally if the athlete has the motivation to attain that level.  Hercules Weightlifting has a long history of preparing kids for long term success. Many of our young athletes go on to provincial, national and international competitions – setting provincial and national records along the way. The youth program is the blood line to the future of our sport in Manitoba.


For more information, feel free to send us an email at coaching@herculesweightlifting.com