“Weightlifting has been a big part of my life for many years and the experience has been greatly enhanced by the Hercules team and my coach Mirek Korkowski. I started from the age of 14 and have followed the progressive training program ever since. We have always taken the slow and steady approach, knowing if I follow the program – improvement in my lifts will follow. With Mirek’s guidance, I was able to make improvements over the years, starting at club level competitions and improving to provincial, national and international level competitions. I know that I would not have reached those goals without the Hercules team. Mirek’s expertise of Olympic weightlifting and general fitness, along with his calm and wise coaching presence, combines for a truly amazing coach. I would recommend the Hercules team and coaches to anyone, I am confident they will help you reach your goals, no matter what they are.”

Eric Mazur – former member of Canada’s Junior National Team, Canadian Medalist

“I had great benefits from being part of the Hercules program. It helped me with my concentration and improved my tendon/muscle resistance. I became stronger physically and also mentally, which helps me in all the strength sports                        I train and compete!”

Josee Morneau – National Level Weightlifter, International Level Strongwoman & Arm Wrestling Champion

“Mirek is a different kind of coach. When it comes to something technical he’s the guy to ask. He seems to be knowledgeable about everything.”

Peter Rohne – former member of Canada’s Junior National Team, Canadian Medalist

“Training with the Hercules Weightlifting Club has greatly contributed to my success as an athlete in both weightlifting and football. Mirek’s expertise 
and years of experience shows in the effectiveness of the programming provided to Hercules athletes. Following the developmental program helped improve my weightlifting technique beyond what I could have done with technical cues alone. The development phase built a strong foundation for my later success in weightlifting. 

I would not be where I am at in football today if it wasn’t for my weightlifting training. Olympic weightlifting is a fantastic training tool for any sport involving explosive movements. I took the time in the beginning to develop my technique and am now benefiting from it. The proper extension in the hips knees and ankles during the snatch and clean translates to athletics and reduces the need for extra jump and plyometric training that can be taxing on joints especially for larger (300+) athletes.”

Geoff Gray – National Level Weightlifter, Offensive Lineman – Cleveland Browns (NFL)