Coaching Education

Coaches don’t just grow on trees! In a highly technical sport such as Olympic Weightlifting, proper education and practical experience is the key to coaching development.

The Hercules Weightlifting Club, in partnership with the British Columbia Weightlifting Association, Manitoba Weightlifting Association and Canadian Weightlifting Federation, delivers both of the official National Coaching Certification Program (“NCCP”)  courses as well as private seminars and clinics.



To certify Olympic Weightlifting coaches under the Canadian Weightlifting Federation criteria. Click for more info



Growth and Development clinics intended to give coaches and athletes practical and technical experience. Click for more info






When: SEPTEMBER 24 & 25, 2016

Where: Dynasty Weightlifting Club Gym Facility – 1449 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC

Cost: $450

Eligibility: Course is available for “NCCP Coach Introduction” trained/certifed coaches

This 9 hour “CWFHC Analyze Technical and Tactical Performance Module” will allow you to complete a significant portion of your certification path.  This course will cover:

  • Technical and Tactical Performance
  • Tactics in Weightlifting
  • CWFHC Model Annual Training Periodization
  • Competition Experience
  • Technical Analysis of the snatch and clean and jerk
  • Advanced Technical Aspects of the snatch
  • Advanced Technical Aspects of the clean and jerk
  • Analyzing Technical Performance

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**Other certification courses and seminars are scheduled and planned based on demand**

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NCCP Level 1 course in Wpg