Hercules Developmental Program Coaches – Winnipeg, MB

The developmental program began in January 2014. This program was designed to help coaches currently enrolled in the National Coaching Certification process an opportunity to satisfy the practical component through grass roots coaching.

Coaches Karl Paterson, Sean Mazur, and Eric Mazur utilize a highly thought out developmental program created by Hercules master coach Mirek Korkowski. The program is designed to ensure exceptional development for beginner weightlifters. Along with the program, each of the coaches have received several years of training under the supervision and expertise of head coaches Mirek Korkowski and Ken Mazur. In these years, Karl, Sean, and Eric have gained the knowledge and experience to help athletes of all levels achieve their weightlifting goals.

Karl began practicing weightlifting at the early age of seven when his dad had joined the early Hercules weightlifting club. It didn’t take long before Karl had developed an infatuation for the sport and started training to compete, himself. Karl has competed at countless competitions at the club level, and provincial level, and has also represented Manitoba at a number of Junior Nationals and Western Canadian Championships.

Sean was introduced to weightlifting at twelve years old by his father and great Canadian weightlifter Ken Mazur. After his very first competition, Sean had fallen in love with weightlifting and knew undoubtedly that it was the sport for him. Sean loves the fact that weightlifting is an individual sport with elements of team competition. Over the years Sean has competed at a considerable number of provincial competitions and earned a medal placing at nearly all of them. Throughout his career Sean has also competed in five Junior Nationals and multiple Western Canadian weightlifting championships.

Eric Mazur began first began his extensive weightlifting quest soon after his older brother Sean. Much like Karl and Sean, Eric was quick to develop a passion for the sport. Eric started competing at the club level and gradually but steadily moved up the ranks toward the national level. In 2013 Eric achieved a ranking of the second best junior weightlifter in Canada. This achievement secured him a spot to represent Canada at the Junior World Weightlifting Championships in Lima, Peru. At this peak competition of his career thus far, he placed 11th in the 77kg weight class.

Each of these coaches brings something different to the environment. Their combined attributes create a fun and motivational environment for individuals seeking to learn the technical aspects of the lifts, develop as a weightlifter and achieve their goals in Olympic Weightlifting.